Swan Meat

Swan Meat Based in Cologne, Germany, this Washington DC-born DJ and record producer is making waves with her uncompromising sound, transforming templates of baroque classical, musical theater and math rock into mind-bending, bitcrushing club music that comfortably embraces hardcore, psytrance, jungle, techno and sounds beyond comprehension in one sweeping whorl. Her work has been described […]

Ly Sas

Ly Sas Introducing Ly Sas, a Georgian electronic music producer and DJ with a unique blend of groovy techno and ambient synth textures. Ly Sas started at a young age her musical journey as a guitarist and songwriter for various bands, before transitioning to making and performing beats. After moving to Prague for film studies, […]


MSKD Introducing MSKD, a French DJ/Producer based in Berlin who is taking the techno scene by storm! With a passion for creating music that not only sounds amazing, but also creates a powerful and emotional experience for the listener; MSKD has quickly gained support from many top artists in the industry such as Regal, SPFDJ, […]


zoanthropiia Coming originally from Donetsk and now based in Berlin, this talented DJ is all about the art of freestyle with electronic tunes. With a passion for music that knows no boundaries, zoanthropiia started off with funky and afro house and has since explored the depths of techno, including melodic, rave, and trance. Her sound […]

vp allowed

vp allowed vp allowed is a techno and trance artist hailing from Italy and currently based in Berlin. He is widely known for his contributions as a co-founder of the Deestricted label and party, which has become a staple in the Berlin techno scene. In addition to his involvement with Deestricted, vp allowed is also […]


SAS SAS is a rising star in the world of dark industrial techno, hailing from Lebanon. Her unique approach to the genre involves experimentation with spooky grooves and atmospheres, resulting in a truly immersive experience that will leave you spellbound. But SAS is more than just a musician. She is also the founder of EKSTASIS, […]


Aexhy Introducing Aexhy, a rising techno artist and activist originating in southern Germany. With his own collective called Syndikaet, Aexhy began his DJ journey in 2017 and quickly made a name for himself in the underground scene. His sound is a fusion of fast, hard beats with a deeply emotional story that takes listeners on […]


EXIX Introducing EXIX, a techno artist based in Berlin, originally from Turkey, who has played a crucial role in developing the underground techno scene in Istanbul by organizing both legal and illegal parties. With his debut single “Revenge Phantasies”, EXIX quickly gained recognition in Germany’s techno scene. EXIX’s music is a reflection of his love […]


Elios With over 15 years of experience in the underground music scene, Elios developed his skills on turntables in Rimini’s rave scene. He’s known for his raw and hypnotic sounds, thanks to which he earned a residency with Berlin-based label Deestricted in 2018. Passionate about his music, Elios continues to produce and select tracks that […]


BIXBITA DJ & Producer from Barcelona, Berlin based. Passionate for Techno and Hardtechno. Her style is the result of experimentation and influences from different electronic music genres: groovy, bouncy or trancy rhythms, tribal and acid sounds, vocals, fast bpm and hard and powerful low frequencies, define her unique style. The dynamism and progression into her […]

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